• Packing for Tracking


Some of you may have been on safari before and have the question of “what to pack?” down to a fine art! However, for many, excitingly, it will be your first time tracking endangered black rhino ON FOOT in Northern Kenya! And this raises a whole new level of “what do I wear” questions. Luckily for you – we’ve had time (and practice!) to think this through. You will most likely be visiting our ‘small but perfectly formed’ lodge, Saruni Rhino, and participating in rhino tracking as an addition to your other safaris in Kenya. This packing guide – ‘Packing for Tracking’ - specifically relates to the SARUNI RHINO TRACKING EXPERIENCE. For ‘normal’ safari packing considerations, you should familiarize yourself with the ‘Saruni Safari Packing List’.

Rhino tracking sessions can last anywhere between 2-4 hours, with varying walking distances depending on each track. Terrain is harsh and arid, bushy with thorns and grass burrs/stickers, with thorny Commiphera branches underfoot. The African sun can be unforgiving at any time of the day – maximum protection is strongly advised! More importantly on a safety note, the black rhino don’t have such sharp vision – but – hearing? Oh boy – we are not joking when we say, “Tread carefully”. Silence really is golden – so have in mind how ‘lightly’ your shoes or clothing allow you to walk. Smell is also a factor – your guides will keep you down-wind from the rhino, but avoiding perfumes and strong-smelling lotions is also advised.

Download the Packing for Tracking Guide below.