Hats off to Saruni guests Tjardus & Laura who were unexpected HEROES of the day recently. Along with Sera Community Rangers and Sambara, Saruni guide – they rescued a baby ellie who had fallen down a well in Kisima Hamsini (the Fifty Wells), near to Saruni Rhino. Sera Rangers on their daily patrol found the ellie struggling in the well and called 91 Rapid Response Sera ranger for back up! Rangers & Sambara accompanying Tjardus & Laura finishing a rhino tracking session got the radio call to assist – and off they all went! Sera Ranger Jimmy and Tjardus jumped into the well without hesitation and got pushing (approximately 300 kilos!) – with everyone else pulling up the calf from above. It took only 5 minutes to get him out – an unforgettable 5 mins for all involved. Tjardus escaped to tell the tale with a few bruises from the elephant pushing him against the rocks of the well. The male calf, who was around 4-6 months old, was then tethered safely to a nearby tree and monitored overnight by Sera Rangers to see if the mother came back. Alas – no mother come next morning, so now the ellie is being cared for by nearby Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. Well done all for such quick action – talk about an adventure holiday?!?

Watch the rescue in full in the video clip below

Watch the drama unfold in these photos below.