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Saruni Rhino - Nairobi, 00502, Kenya

The Sacred Mountain Trek

WOW what a view.....". Both Saruni Samburu and Saruni Rhino’s locations are one of a kind; panoramic backdrops, dramatic hills and cascading landscapes make for an unforgettable safari. The scenic safari experience goes beyond our location as we offer 'Sacred Mountain' day excursions up Mount Ololokwe.

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Standing proud at Saruni’s doorstep, Ololokwe is a pillar of cultural significance to the Samburu and an exciting trekking venture to many others. Stretch your legs on one of our day excursions up Ololokwe’s slopes in the company of our professional Samburu guides.

Setting off at dawn, you drive to the foot of Ololokwe (30 mins from the lodge). Whatever your pace, our guides are at your side throughout, teaching you about the mountain and all of its wonders. Half way to the top, you stop for a Saruni breakfast of eggs, bacon, fruit and pancakes with tea and coffee (or, to your liking). Now, full of energy, you reach the top and admire the magnificent view of Samburuland. You begin your descent with the prospect of a delicious lunch of fresh pasta and salads in the shade of the ancient Moran’s cave.

  • Ololokwe - the Samburu Sacred mountain
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Download the Mount Ololokwe Excursion document;

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