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Saruni Rhino - Nairobi, 00502, Kenya

2017 #WILS Shortlisted Entries - so far.......

Our 4th annual 2017 #WhyILoveSaruni photo & video competition on Facebook & Instagram is well underway and entries are coming in thick and fast. Everyone wants to tell us 'why they love Saruni'!

Good luck to all the winning monthly entries that stand a chance to win BIG with Saruni! View all our shortlisted finalists (photos & videos) selected each month below who will go into the judging process. Competition ends 1st January 2018 - what are you waiting for?

  • Sheila Meade Ballooning in the Mara and Gnu Facebook Nov17

'Heart of the Adventure' - November finalist
Sheila Meade (Facebook)

  • Kelly Berry Spot the Difference Eland Instagram Nov17

'Spot the Difference' - November finalist
Kelly Berry (Instagram)

  • Ali Harvey Wild Dog Kill Instagram Nov 17

'A Dog with a Bone' - November finalist
Ali Harvey (Instagram)

  • Alex Shalamov Lioness and Cub Instagram Nov17

'A Mother's Love' - November finalist
Alex Shalamov (Instagram)

  • Kelly Berry Wild Tree  Instagram Oct 17

'The Magic Tree' - October finalist
Kelly Berry (Instagram)

  • Rozanna Bozabalian Saruni Rhino suitcases Instagram Oct17

'Safari Njema' - October finalist
Rozanna Bozabalian (Instagram)

  • Jeffrey Hartog Facebook Saruni Wild view from tent Oct17

'On my doorstep' - October finalist
Jeffrey Hartog (Facebook)

  • Ali Harvey Cheetah Hunting Impala Instagram Oct17 v2

'Thrill of the Hunt' - October finalist
Ali Harvey (Instagram)

  • Christel Gellidon Samburu Honeymoon Rock Instagram Sept17

'Dreams do come true' - September finalist
Christel Gellidon (Instagram)

  • Christel Gellidon Mara Landscape 2 Instagram Sept17

'Tricolore Mara' - September finalist
Christel Gellidon (Instagram)

  • Rebecca Roth Starry Starry Rhino Nights Instagram Sept 17

'Starry Rhino nights' - September finalist
Rebecca Roth (Instagram)

  • Christel Gellidon Samburu bath Instagram Sept17

'Bath with a View' - September finalist
Christel Gellidon (Instagram)

  • Rebecca Roth Rhino Tracking Instagram Sept17

'Rhino Tracking' - September finalist
Rebecca Roth (Instagram)

  • Alex Shalamov Instagram Mara Landscape Aug 17 2

'Mara Great Migration'
August finalist, Alex Shalamov (Instagram)

  • Rebecca Larsson Samburu arm Instagram Sept17 2

'I Heart Samburu' - September finalist
Rebecca Larsson (Instagram)

  • Billy Hare Facebook Lion in grass Aug 17

'Lion in the Grass'
August finalist, Billy Hare (Facebook)

  • Maritha Flakstad Kleppe Facebook Mara landscape Aug 17

'Mara Storm' - August finalist
Maritha Flakstad Kleppe (Facebook)

  • Heather Sutherland Instagram Oryx in Bush Aug

'Camouflaged Oryx' - August finalist
Heather Sutherland (Instagram)

  • Rozanna Bozabalian Loijupu Instagram Aug 17 4

'Loijupu and his Keeper' - August finalist
Rozanna Bozabalian (Instagram)

  • mia-shalamova-instagram-ss-interior-exterior-july

'Life in Camp'
July finalist, Mia Shalamova (Instagram)

  • karim-karmali-facebook-2-headed-giraffe-july

'The Two-Headed Giraffe'
July finalist, Karim Karmali (Facebook)

  • heather-sutherland-instagram-ellies-at-waterhole-july

'Kalama Ellies at the Waterhole'
July finalist, Heather Sutherland (Instagram)

  • cleo-vauban-instagram-samburu-river-picnic-july

'Along the Ewaso Nyiro'
July finalist, Cleo Vauban (Instagram)

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